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Digitizing and Vectorizing

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Embroidery Digitizing:

Embroidery digitizing or Embroidery Punching is the process of converting artwork into digital data that tells a computerized embroidery machine how to move during the embroidery process.


A set of related files that is created and managed by a database management system (DBMS). Today, DBMSs can manage any form of data including text, images, sound and video. Database and file structures are always determined by the software. As far as the hardware is concerned, it's all bits and bytes.


Decorative stitching on fabric. Generally involves non-lettering designs but can also include lettering and/or monogram. Evidence of embroidery exists during the reign of Egyptian pharaohs, in the writings of Homer and from the Crusaders of the 12th century. Evolved from hand work to manual sewing machines and from hand-looms and schiffli machines with hundreds of needles to high-speed, computerized multi head machines.


Appliqué is a way of digitizing means trimming cut from one piece of fabric and stitched to another to add dimension and texture. If appliqué occupies a significant amount of the design, the stitch count is lower.

3D puff:

3D puff embroidery is another way of sewing, which involves use of foam under the threads. Sewing is normally done on the edge of the form, leaving the middle part of the form having the effect of being elevated.


Ability within one design program to enlarge or reduce a design. In expanded format, most scaling is limited to 10 percent to 20 percent because the stitch count remains constant despite final design size. In condensed or outline formats, on the other hand, scale changes may be more dramatic because stitch count and density may be varied.

Expanded Format:

A design program where individual stitches in a design have been specifically digitized for a certain size. Designs punched in this format cannot generally be enlarged or reduced more than 10 to 20 percent without distortion because stitch count remains constant. See "condensed format"


3D-effect embroidery, by contrast, is direct embroidery with fabric and threads only – no foam. Thick underlay and lots of thread are usually used to achieve the three-dimensional effect.


Woven or non-woven material used underneath the item or fabric being embroidered to provide support and stability for the needle penetration. Best used when hooped with the garment, but also can be placed between the item to be embroidered and the needle plate on flat bed machines. Available in many styles and weights with two basic types (Cutaway and Tear away).


Processes performed after embroidery is complete. Includes trimming loose threads, cutting or tearing away excess backing, removing topping, cleaning any stains, pressing or steaming to remove wrinkles or hoop marks and packaging for sale or shipment.

Digitizing Ninjas Embroidery Digitizing Services

Providing high quality embroidery digitizing services at affordable rates.

With our more than 20 years experience in embroidery digitizing industry. We have good knowledge of modern embroidery digitizing so that we can fulfil the basic needs of our clients..


Vector Art & Graphics:

The process of creating a vector is a simple, yet also a complex process. There are various techniques on How to vectorize a picture coming from a reference Photoshop. The capabilities of the Photoshop’s vector is then quickly shut down with the help of those who are truly familiar with the different vector programs like macromedia Freehand, Corel Draw, and Adobe Illustrator. There are certain tools that can be of use to vectorize an image. Most of these can be use without limit, meaning they can explore all positive avenues on creating a design. There is a brief comparison between the raster and vector.

Superior Service:

We basically provide Raster to Vector (R2V) Conversion Services. High quality vector for screen printing, silk screening or engraving. Color separation, half tone, blending effect, camera-ready black & white line art. To get good camera-ready art also requires professional graphics design program`s and experienced artists.


Vector images are much smaller file compare to Bitmap images. They can be scaled up or down infinitely without the loss of resolution. Many print houses require Vector files. Vector images also allow you to change color and edit individual elements OR Layers with ease. A vectorized image has no jaggedness, no loss in detail and can be printed at any resolution. We can convert your old logo or hand drawn art into ready digital format.

Retouching / File manipulation:

We employ a team of highly experienced retouching experts who’s extensive Photoshop skills allow for image enhancement at any level. From dirty spotting to complete image manipulation, our team of professionals is available to tackle any graphical problem.


Some images that you have may not be exactly what you want. Perhaps you would like to use only part of an image or perhaps you would like to combine two images. For this reason, Express Punch offers image manipulation to digitally alter the images you submit according to your needs.

Supported Format:

Mostly customers use AI,CDR,EPS,PDF that will be provided from our side definitely. We can turn your artwork into vector base art to run in all kinds of production such as t-shirt printing, embroidery, brochure printing, name plates, transfers, point of purchase displays, CD, DVD, window graphics, floor graphics etc. We will turn artwork into a crisp, clean, camera-ready format for a t-shirt whether it is spot color or photo realistic.

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IT Soul Solutiontakes a modern approach to event software, thinking outside the box. Its everything you need with one platform, including marketing tools.

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